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You want to set up and run a successful online store, and you may be fairly new to ecommerce. You’re likely wondering, then, whether you need ecommerce training to reach your goals. Here’s the short answer: No. But that single deceptive syllable leaves a lot unsaid.

Ecommerce training is a lot like investing in a college education. You don’t absolutely have to go to college to learn how to be, say, an engineer. You could, given enough time, learn it all on your own. It would, however, probably take you a decade or two and you’d lose a lot of money because you would have to work low-paying jobs during that long period. So a college eduction is much faster and, over the long haul, way cheaper.

Paid training of any kind is just a shortcut – and usually a money-saving one at that. And that bit of practical wisdom certainly applies to ecommerce training.

Recommended Action for Ecommerce Self-Training

If you intend to learn it all on your own, you’d better have a lot of time and energy and some money to invest. For this is what you’re looking at, according to a former Director of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing who is now a freelance consultant, learning by . . .

  • Reading ecommerce blogs
  • Taking online courses
  • Listening to ecommerce podcasts
  • Reading books and guides
  • Attending webinars
  • Attending ecommerce events
  • Networking with other involved people
  • Opening your own store

(From Ecommerce Training Academy, “8 Proven Ways You Can Learn About Ecommerce“)

It’s exhausting just thinking about doing everything on that list. While many of the items have some genuine merit, they are all time-consuming and costly – and the last one involves far too much potentially disastrous trial and error.

Ecommerce Training Under the Experts

If, on the other hand, you’d rather get your store up and running to start making sales and money and if the learning is only a means to that end, there’s a better way. Consider attending an ecommerce seminar conducted by recognized industry experts to significantly reduce the learning curve and get a better return on your time and money invested.

Why? Because most of them had to do most of it on their own and so know what you’re up against. They’re also aware of the pitfalls along the way and how to skirt them. They are conversant with the whole ecommerce spectrum from the technical to the marketing and SEO end.

Just a cursory search online will reveal how much effort you’ll have to invest and how long you’ll have to wait for decent results if you go it alone. A Huffington Post article (“The 5 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Starting an Ecommerce Website“), for example, lists “[u]nderestimating the work involved” as the number-one mistake people make in starting an ecommerce store. And yet another article suggests it will take you a full year to get everything right, saying, “If you’ve never started an e-commerce store from scratch, it’s impossible to understand how time consuming and detailed the process is” (Entrepreneur, “12 Steps to Building a Successful Ecommerce Site in 12 Months“).

Again, though, the job can be made far less daunting and time-consuming if you call on the acknowledged experts.

The Redhead Seminars Shortcut

As a Redhead Seminars participant, you will get, from the entire Redhead team, comprehensive ecommerce training – from store concept to selling online. You will also build your own functioning ecommerce store. All in only five days.

According to founder Rosanne Schaefer, “Redhead Seminars was created to give budding entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools to realize their dreams.” And the 16 sessions do in fact cover everything from initial idea to launching and growing your store and more:

  1. Build a Plan
  2. Build a Brand
  3. Build a Store
  4. Product Data
  5. Shipping & Taxes
  6. Price it Right
  7. Store Launch
  8. Google Love
  9. Social Media
  10. Digital Marketing
  11. Email Marketing
  12. Blogging
  13. Customers
  14. Optimizing
  15. Beyond Your Store
  16. Beyond Education

Redhead Labs, the parent company of Redhead Seminars, is an ecommerce-development firm that has launched over 1,200 successful online stores and partners with three of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. We provide complete, secure ecommerce shopping carts, as well as custom-tailored levels of service – from visual design only to a complete turnkey solution. We also have expertise in moving stores from one platform to the other. We’ve moved hundreds of stores for clients – ensuring a smooth transition while transferring design and 100,000+ products with attributes and options intact. We know ecommerce.

But you can’t hesitate – there are only 12 seats available at each seminar. So if you really do want to start selling online in only five days, register now for a Redheads Seminar in your area.

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