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Learn From the Best for Ecommerce Success

This new year, 2018, is simply bursting at the seams with possibilities for ecommerce learning and training. It’s a great time to be entering the ecommerce arena because you don’t have learn it all on your own anymore through years of research and reading and costly trial and error. So let’s take a look at just some of what’s on tap for this year.

Etail – March, Palm Springs, CA

Growing in popularity every year, eTail conferences are held in the US, Europe, and Canada. Etail is where the “top minds of Canada’s most successful retailers meet and learn,” featuring “comprehensive sessions, interactive learning, keynotes and more.” You’ll get the chance to hear “65 of Canada’s greatest retail innovators . . . present real tactics that will challenge the way you think about retail and ecommerce.”

ShopTalk – March, Las Vegas

You will get great ecommerce ideas and content from more than 300 speakers representing the world’s top brands – Apple, Facebook, Walmart, Amazon, and more. “ShopTalk covers the rapid evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy – from new technologies and business models to the latest trends in consumer behaviors, preferences and expectations.” Shoptalk 2018 expects to have 7,500+ attendees.

Catalyst by ChannelAdvisor – April, San Diego

The goal here to provide inspiration from some of the brightest minds in ecommerce. “Catalyst, an educational e-commerce conference hosted by ChannelAdvisor, can mean many things to many people – it’s all about what you want to get out of it. Whether you want to evolve your strategy, accelerate your growth, or connect to new people, ChannelAdvisor Catalyst is here to act as your agent for change.” – September, Las Vegas

“’s educational program keeps you ahead of the curve and gives you insights into what’s next for the digital retail industry,” thus “giving you the kick-start you need to help your business grow, adapt and reinvent itself.” You’ll also be surrounded people associated with and leading top brands like Adidas, Guess?, and Hallmark. This conference comes highly recommended by former attendees.

Sellers Summit – May, Ft. Lauderdale

Draw on the talent and expertise of speakers making six, seven, and even eight figures with their eccomerce enterprises, such as Steve Chou from, who started out as ordinary people like us with a dream. More like an intense two-day workshop, Sellers Summit calls itself the “ultimate ecommerce learning conference.”

Retail Global – October, Las Vegas

Entrepreneur Magazine has called Retail Global one of the top-10 must-attend ecommerce conferences. The strong points of this conference are the networking opportunities, the quality content, and the great value. Retail Global travels the globe to keep a finger “on the pulse of online retail trends and challenges.”

Redhead Seminars – March (Tulsa, OK), May (Dallas), July (Las Vegas), September (New York), November (Los Angeles)

These five-day, 16-session seminars are designed to “to give budding entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools to realize their dreams.” The Redhead team will teach you the techniques and strategies they use to “grow startups into multi-million dollar companies.” These seminars are a complete, all-in-one ecommerce learning package – everything from store concept to selling online in only five days to digital marketing.

The Redhead team has launched over 1,200 successful online stores, providing complete, secure ecommerce shopping carts, as well as custom-tailored levels of service, from visual design only to complete turnkey solutions. They have worked with “numerous Fortune 500 companies over the last 10 years creating billions in revenue.”

Keep in mind, though, that many of these events have an attendance cap, and registration for most of them is time-sensitive. For example, Redhead Seminars allows a maximum of 12 students in each class to ensure quality individual instruction. January’s Orlando seminar has already filled up, and registration is now closed for that one.

Register today for one of the Redhead Seminars in your area.

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