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It’s almost tautological that that a digital business requires digital marketing. Although it’s true, the statement is so broad it’s completely unhelpful in that form. Digital marketing covers everything from the geeky coding and SEO stuff to content marketing and copywriting for landing pages and email campaigns. So how do you know which of the many digital marketing channels to use in marketing your ecommerce business? You don’t until know your market and understand the channels and how to use them.

Digital Marketing Channels

The aim of digital marketing is, of course, to get traffic to your store, and any and all of the channels we discuss below will do that. But a shotgun approach that just gets you traffic in general is a waste of time. What you need is targeted traffic. So you have to keep in mind your goals/objectives and your target market, and you have to establish some clearly defined performance metrics.

SEO for Organic Traffic – This one’s a necessity for everyone. You simply have to do some kind of search engine optimization in order to show up high in the search rankings when potential customers search for your products. Ranking high on Google’s first page – the ideal spot – takes SEO skill and keyword research and deployment knowledge.

Paid Ads – Paid search engine ads like Google Adwords ads can bring in highly targeted traffic. Success here depends on knowing how to write the ads and where your best ad spend lies. And if all the pieces aren’t in their proper places, paid ads can be a huge money sink.

Content Marketing – Often equated with inbound marketing, content marketing is, rather, a large species within the genus of inbound marketing. Content is, basically, anything that offers entertaining information to position you as a trusted authority – blog posts, skyscraper articles, videos, podcasts, and so on. Here, you’ll need in-depth knowledge of your target audience and some pretty decent writing chops.

Email Campaigns – Email marketing can be highly effective with a great ROI. Using this channel assumes an email list – which you’ll have to build through the other digital marketing channels. Still, once you have that list, a well constructed email campaign can really bring in the traffic and sales.

Social Media – Social media marketing has two faces: organic and paid. It’s not an either-or proposition, though, because each complements the other. Working together, each yields better results than it could when deployed alone. While social media channels have become less friendly toward ecommerce businesses using the free, organic methods, you still shouldn’t ignore this aspect.

Affiliate Traffic – Affiliates are people you partner with who sell your products on their sites for a commission or percentage of the revenue on completed orders. Sure, you don’t get all the profit from these sales, but it doesn’t take any effort on your part either. Your affiliates send you traffic and make sales for you. But you have to get a lot right in order to attract good affiliate partners.

The All-in-One Ecommerce Package From the Pros

Getting your ecommerce store all set up and ready to go is just a first step. You then have to dive into the work of marketing. But the digital marketing possibilities and channels for your new ecommerce store are overwhelmingly numerous and varied. Your goals, your target market, your available resources, and several other factors go into determining which ones are best for your business, the ones that yield the best results and the greatest ROI. That’s why it pays to call on the expertise of the pros, the recognized industry leaders and experts.

This is the reason Rosanne Schaefer created Redhead Seminars: “to give budding entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools to realize their dreams.” In 16 comprehensive sessions, you will learn “the fundamentals the Redhead team uses to grow startups into multi-million dollar companies.” And then they take you far beyond mere fundamentals.

The Redhead team has launched over 1,200 successful online stores, providing complete, secure ecommerce shopping carts, as well as custom-tailored levels of service, from visual design only to complete turnkey solutions. Their expertise also extends to digital marketing where they have a proven track record. Seminar sessions include Google Love, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and Blogging.

Redhead Seminars offers a complete, all-in-one ecommerce learning package – everything from store concept to selling online in only five days to digital marketing to promote your store. Be aware, though, that each seminar has only 12 seats available to allow maximum one-on-one attention. So register today

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